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Sinfonia Ecuestre

Sinfonía Ecuestre is a show with symphony-flemish music live, where in a delicated armony, Manolo Carrasco's music and the most beautiful horses of the world belonging to "Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre" fuse. Made for our delight and amazement, both children and elders, music,horses and great shows lovers.

Manolo Carrasco's music tries to enhance the different horses' movements. He is the autor of "Música Sinfónica-Flamenca de la Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre de Jerez". After doing a whole year's work composing music and working day after day, Manolo Carrasco has improven and make a perfect music for each movement of the horses. The difference can be told in the instant, the horse seems to enjoy the music, but actually every note is made as the horse movement. This way, he achieves a perfect integrity of all the elements belonging the show, making a beautiful armony and perfect symmetry.

"Sinfonía Ecuestre" is a genuine ballet made over 'doma clásica' and 'doma vaquera's choreographies, with pure spanish, andalusian and flemish music. "Sinfonía Ecuestre" gets to transfer the public into the magic of a land who saw the compositor be born, Andalusia, and appreciate its colours, music, flamingo, dances, singing and love towards horses. The keys of this show's might are music, riders and horses.