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1812 Vive la Pepa

After the grand spectacle given on this tour and the countless criticisms we are pleased to present the show renewed website where you will find all the news, galleries, videos, news, etc..

In our YouTube channel at your disposal are also some videos on the show emphasis the promotional video.See video

Radio web and a new section

In our new allied website,, has just been enabled a new section, an online radio where you can listen to Manolo Carrasco's music along with various music authors. You can listen to it by clicking the following link:

Also, we would like to highlight the new section of the website, a new section of Scores where you may download a few of pieces of our beloved compositor. The pieces are exposed here in order for you to be able to use them and learn the beautiful melodies he has made on his own.

Espiritu Flamenco

At the present time, he produces, directs and presents the program "Espiritu Flamenco" for TVE and music programs with his producer "Eurodelta Music" for USA, Europe and Japan.

The program shows some of the emblematic works of flamingo, directed by the compositor and pianist Manuel Carrasco Tubío and also the compositor and businessman Fernando Bermúdez. "Cuatro palos" and "De Almería palante" are some of their work in this compilation.

Show "Vive la Pepa 1812"

An audiovisual show inspired in the historical facts that supposed Cadiz' Constitution 1812.

A wonderful audiovisual show that commemorates the Cadiz' Constitution's bicentenary, based on the music of the prestigious pianist and compositor Manolo Carrasco.

A concert of passion and might featuring his string quintet's soloists, in which they make a musical fantasy about Cadiz' Constitution.

Tour Sinfonia Ecuestre

Tour "Sinfonia Ecuestre"- made in Spain with "Orquesta sinfónica de Madrid Filarmonia" and France with "Orquesta sinfonica de Montpelier" 2010, 2011.

Sinfonía Ecuestre is a show with live Flemish symphony, where a delicated armony and Manolo Carrasco's music along with the most beautiful horses of the world belonging "Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre" merge. Made for everyone's joy and amazement, both children and elders, music lovers, horse lovers and great shows lovers.