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Manolo Carrasco born in Cadiz, is the most prolific music writer in Spain nowadays. Composer, pianist and conductor. He studied in various Spanish and foreign conservatoires, always achieving the highest honours in composition, conducting as well as piano.

He has received multiple piano awards in Spain and France. Author of the Real Escuela Andaluza de Arte Ecuestre's music. He has released several records, as well as promoted performances for the the public, completing tours in Japan, China, USA, Europe and Spain. He often hosts piano concerts, which are always a resounding success.

In addition, he has received the following awards: "Zipa de Oro" for breakthrough artist 1987. "Pilar Amo Vázquez" 12th National Young Pianists Composition Contest -Albacete. 1993. "Delegación Provincial" 5th National Contest for Young Musicians -Granada. 1994. "Carmen Ibáñez" 14th National Contest for Young Pianists - Albacete. 1994. "Ciudad de Carlet" National Piano Contest in Carlet. 1994. First award winner in the International Piano Contest in Lyon, France. 1995. "Oliver Messiaen" Gilbert Gaubert International Contest - Paris. 1995. Andalucía at the international World awards - 1998. Award for the promotion of Andalucian culture - 2000


Born in Cadiz, 15th March 1971, he began his musical studies at the Manuel de Falla Conservatoire in Cádiz with Rafael Prieto. After this, he moved to the Higher Constervatoire in Sevilla with Ana Guijarro and Manuel de Diego, and continued his studies at the Liceo Conservatoire in Barcelona with Ramón Coll. He later went to the El Escorial Conservatoire, in Madrid, to study composition under the tutelage of Eduardo Armenteros and piano with Anatoli Pouvson. His path then led him to the Royal Higher Conservatoire of Music in Madrid, where he studied composition with Antón García Abril and piano with Manuel Carra.

He finished his Piano studies in 1992 with an outstanding grade and an honourable mention.

In 2002, he also completed his Composition studies with an outstanding grade. He extended his training with further courses given by Vlado Perlemuter (a direct student of Ravel), Dimitri Baskirov (Reina Sofía School) and Hans Graff (in Vienna).

He has a wide knowledge of conducting. At the age of 19, he conducted the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time during the recording of his own album "Sueños de Juventud", and he later recorded the "Al-Andalus" and "Cómo bailan los caballos andaluces", which he presented in 2000 at Chapín's municipal Stadium (Jerez de la Frontera), where he conducted his own symphony orchestra for the first time.


Manolo Carrasco has a total of 12 albums plus 3 re-releases in Asia and one in USA: "Arena y Mar", "Sueños de Juventud", "Clásicos Internacionales", "Clásicos Españoles 1", "Clásicos Españoles 2", "Al-Andalus", "Gitana", "Passionata Andaluza", he conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's "Greatest Hits", "Banda Sonora Original El cielo podría haber cantado", "Cómo bailan los caballos andaluces" and a compilation album of his greatest hits "Grandes éxitos de Manolo Carrasco".

Albums released in Asia: "Andaluza de Danza". "Gipsy" and "Dance Andalucia".

Re-releases in Asia: "Al-Andalus", "Sueños de Juventud" and "Arena y Mar".

Released in USA: "Between two seas".

Concerts and Tours

He has performed several concerts all over Spain and has toured around the USA, Mexico, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Japan and China. The "Homenaje a García Lorca" tour 1998. The "Al-Andalus" tour 2000. A composition and interpretation of the music of the "Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre" in Paris, Barcelona and Jerez. The "Dance Andalucia" tour 2001, 2002 (Japan). The "Aires del Sur" tour 2002, 2003. The "Amor y Fuego" tour 2004. The "Aires del Sur" tour (China) 2005. The "Pasión Andaluza" tour 2006. Tour with "Passionata Andaluza" 2007, 2008. The "Aires de Andalucía" tour 2009. The "Sifonía Ecuestre" tour - given in Spain with the Madrid Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and in France with the Montpellier Symphony Orchestra 2010, 2011.


In 2005, under his own direction, Manolo Carrasco produced 25 classical music programmes for the regional TV channel "Televisión Gallega", a series of classical music programmes for "Sueños" shown on TV channel "Antena 3 Televisión" and for "Nocturno" shown on TV channel "Tele 5". In 2006, he produced 25 classical music programmes for TV channel "Telemadrid". He also produced "Únicos" for "Antenna 3 Televisión" alongside Nano de Jerez, Rancapino and José Mercé. In 2007, he launched his own production company called "Eurodelta Music" with his business partner Fernando Bermúdez to create TV programmes. He also directed and produced the programmes "Diferentes" and "Intermezzo" for TV channels "La 1" and "La 2" on TVE, in which many leading Spanish artists and major international interpreters have participated, performing in iconic places such as the "Palacio Real" in Madrid and the "Palacio Real de la granja de San Ildefonso" in Segovia. In 2009-2010, he began to direct and produce different music programmes for the regional TV channels: Canal Sur; Telemadrid, TV. de Aragón, TV. del Principado de Asturias, TV Castilla la Mancha, TV Extremadura and TV de Baleares. In 2011, he produced, directed and presented the programme "Espíritu Flamenco" for TVE and he currently directs and produces music programmes with his production company "Eurodelta Music" for the USA, Europe and Japan.

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